Elete Smart Basketball

The most fun and addictive method to develop dribbling skills and moves. Connect your Elete Smart Basketball to the Elete mobile application – powered by Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality.

Special offer also included! Bundled in with your Smart Ball, you also get:

Basketball Pro Skills Training App

Lifetime subscription that includes hundreds of workouts, digital trainers, and BONUS jump training program!

Basketball Dribbling Drill Library

Lifetime access to over 200 instructional training videos for basketball dribbling.

$200 $79 Smart Ball + App Bundle Package


Purchase Smart Ball + Bundle Package
  • Train with your smart ball using “Practice Mode” to beat your high scores or compete in social leagues using “League Mode.”
  • Categories of fun dribbling games to develop your rhythm, coordination, speed, reaction, control, and more.
  • Play at home with just a few feet of space.
  • This app is for beginners to advanced players who want to start developing their dribbling skills. Our community consists of youth all the way to collegiate players.
  • Elete products are only available in the United States, United Kingdom and Canada.
  • Your order can be returned for a full refund for up to 15 days following delivery. We'll send you a prepaid label for any returns.

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Train & Compete

Unlock multiple dribble experiences with the Elete Basketball!

Speed Dribbler

Beat your high score by going as fast as you can for 60+ different drills.

Rhythm Dancer

Remember the game Dance, Dance Revolution? This is the basketball version!

Beat the Hand

Think you're faster than the hand? React before the hand steals the ball.

Chase the Ball

Tag, but for basketball! Gets even harder when foot targets start appearing.

Fingertip Burnouts

Test your figertip strength with games that get your forearms burning!

Ultimate Control

Think you have ultimate control? We'll see if you can keep up with the targets.

What's Included

Elete Smart Basketball
Elete Smart App

Bundled in with your Smart Ball, you also get:

Basketball Pro Skills Training App
Basketball HD Video Library


The most fun you’ll have training

Elete is the solution to the problem of mundane dribbling training. No more boring traditional drills, enter a new era of skill development

Train no matter where you are

Elete is your portable personal basketball trainer. All you need is an iPhone, basketball and a few feet of space to start training with Elete

League Mode is a social training experience

You'll play the first game and then become hooked! Starting in high school, climb the competitive ladder to college and then the professional league.

Practice Mode is a non-social training experience

Get access to the entire library of games and drills and strive to get high scores in all of them. Customized workouts to your ability and skill level.


Includes Smart Ball Multiple Drill Types League play Includes Expert Drills

Real Reviews and Ratings

From coaches, to parents, to players – see what people are saying about the Elete Dribbling League!

4.9/5 Stars

Essential For Quarantine

Jul 17 TurboNate

My WHOLE family loves to use this during quarantine!Easy to use anywhereinside or outside. So fun for everyone.

Best at home training!

Jun 23 RoneVesd

Really helped my kids train through the COVID pandemic. traning at home at its best!

Worth It!

May 12 RaceTron

Incredible app. Helps develop technique and dribbling skills. Helped my son improve his from,Confidence, and position!

My favorite app

Jul 16 Joey06437

I am 13 and I got elete for my birthday and cant stop playing i love it so much. I can play and it helps me get better because I cant be on the court right now.

So thankful for this app!

Jul 20 MichelleBio47

Gave my kids something to do when they had nothing. Now i can seen then improve, be active, and have fun. A lifesaver during COVID and promotes Social distancing safely. Would recommend for all parents with players.

4.9/5 Stars


Apr 15 R Lallier

Exactly what i was looking for, especially improving my dribbling as making it into a game which is amazing! I would highly recommend downloding this app!

Great App

Apr 21 YogiBear17

This is a really fun app that's been helping me significantly with my ball handling skills! A+ Highly Recommended for players looking to improve their game.

Wish i had this earlier

Apr 17 Tessa1919

Love this app! it kept track of all my starts and pushed me to improve my technique.

Really improved my son's skills

may 5 Kittysp23

This is a great app for the kiddos to use. my 13 year old really improved hiss handles.

Best way to compete

Jun 6 Bennietrey

I can compete with anyone anywhere. Helped me get better and I can't wait to keep playing all the games.

Looks so cool

Jul 17 shiaFin

The app looks awesome and the games are creative and so fun. Graphics are really neat.

Fun Way to develop Skills

Jun 8 ChrisBelf

I would reccommend this app for any player who wants to get better and really amp up their skills. Great to use anywhere and any time.

Best program for dribbling

May31 CodyMom

Has been critical during social distancing.My son can still stay connected with his friends while they play. Easy enough for m to use too!

Fantastic app

Mar 27 HoratioNaio

Tracks my stats and there are so many versions of games to play. Never gets old and makes trainings fun!

Super fun games

Apr 7 shane456201

There are so many games to play to work on skills. Very fun for kids and adults.

Elete Dribble training

May 14 ToriDiem

My Kids have been using Elete since quarantine started. I can already see them improving their skills for the fall! And they can compete againt each other to help them develop their skills. Best app as of late.

Fantastic way to train

Jun 23 richardOths64

My son loves this app and i love watching him play. I can see his skills Improving as he keeps playing. He is becoming stronger after every game. Can't wait to see him improve more.