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With the Smart Basketball and mobile app have fun developing dribbling skills and moves – powered by Artificial Intelligence and Augmented Reality.

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Basketball Skills App
  • Unlimited access to a personalized digital coach
  • 1,000+ HD skill development videos
  • and more!

The Elete Smart Ball is the ultimate new way to train for basketball. Fun, interactive, and available at any skill level – and can be done on any indoor or outdoor surface.

  • Works with your smartphone or tablet.
  • Only requires about 6ft (2m) of space.
  • Works with any phone or tablet with iOS 10+
  • If you are not satisfied, your order can be returned for a full refund 7 days after purchase.
  • Our shipping is fast and reliable. All orders are shipped in 1-2 business days through UPS. Refunds can be given up to 7 days following delivery of the Elete Smart Basketball.
  • Refunds are only given for technical issues with the app. This means you must send us screenshots and screen recordings of your problem. If there is an issue that we cannot fix for you, and your initial request for a refund falls within that 7 day window, you will be refunded no questions asked.
  • The Elete Smart Basketball will NOT be returned if you have an android device as we state above that the app is ONLY for the iPhone.


Indoor/outdoor high-quality leather basketball that connects to mobile app.


Uses computer vision & machine learning to guide you through games & workouts.


For advanced dribblers trying to take their training to the next level.

“Elete has got my son practicing daily. So instead of playing video games everyday, now he’s climbing the leaderboard on Elete.”

The most fun you’ll have training

Elete is the solution to the problem of mundane dribbling training. No more boring traditional drills, enter a new era of skill development.

Train no matter where you are

Elete is your portable personal basketball trainer. All you need is the Elete Smart Ball, iPhone or iPad, and a few feet of space to start training with Elete.

Practice Mode

Train solo to beat your high scores. Work through multiple levels of training and categories of drills.

League Mode

A social experience where kids can compete in games to get called up to varsity, college, and even the professional level!


Get Advanced Like The PRO!

If you purchase the advance package included are the
Elete Dribbling Gloves

  • Increase dribble speed and advanced control
  • Learn how to dribble just using your fingertips (without using your palms)
  • Developers ultimate fingertip control
  • Developers strength in your forearms and fingertips

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A new way to practice. At-home or anywhere.

The perfect gift for kids who love sports, or advanced dribblers that want to take their game to the next level.